Validate Your Manpower Plan

Look Ahead to Avoid a Manpower Crisis and Validate Your Manpower Plan




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Start Validating Your Plan

The Challenge

With skilled tradespeople among the hardest jobs to fill nationwide, it's essential for every project to start with a valid manpower plan as the basis for proactive planning and staffing partnerships. We’ve found that anticipating needs is the best way for a project to stay on track to retain margins and timelines.

Industrial Skilled Trades offers a no-cost Manpower Validation Process that helps companies ensure that their manpower plans will stand up to the challenges of projects with short timelines, unplanned change requirements, and labor competition. In our experience, this kind of validation leads to better partnerships and project outcomes.

Our Discussion

We’ll review your project, anticipated manpower requirements, and help you identify risk factors in the life of the project that may require proactive recruiting or access to additional contingent labor. We offer niche recruiting in your industry and deliver industry and project-specific insights that reach beyond your project. We’ll work to get a realistic estimate of the bench that you need, and how you can set your project up for success - all before you issue a single job requisition.

What You'll Get

Our recommendations are yours to use, whether you work with us or someone else. We believe the industry has to work cooperatively to build a deeper bench.

  • A realistic bench estimate for your project

  • Recommendations for safeguarding against unplanned changes and labor loss

  • Identify risk factors and vulnerabilities in your project's manpower curves

  • Weigh the costs and benefits of additional incumbent versus contingent labor based on the specific timeline, demands, and unique elements of your project